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Jayden's life is full of adventure from start to finish. Jayden remembers everthing from brushing his teeth to combing his hair for school.  However, Jayden forgets one thing to do- to ties his shoes!


This book is an innovative and interactive way to teach school age children a fun way to tie their shoes using rhyme. "Jayden, Tie Your Shoes" shows young learners how to incorporate the "Bunny Ear" method so they can quickly master the skill. It is also a great resource to help children learn how to tie their shoes in an effective and simple way. Parents, there is a special message for you!  "Jayden, Tie Your Shoes" teaches parents not to stess over small milestones that your child might not accomplish at the time, but to take a break and try it again later with an understanding that they will achieve it with your love and support. 


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